Virginie Taittinger

160 years of family stories

Jacques, Ferdinand and then Yolande Kunkelmann, grandmother of Virginie, were the successive proprietors and managers of PIPER-HEIDSIECK from 1851 to 1988

Acquired by Pierre Taittinger in 1932, the champagne house was managed by Claude Taittinger from 1960 to 2006

The story of a real


A double Champagne Legacy

The daughter of Claude Taittinger, CEO of TAITTINGER for 46 years, and Catherine de Suarez d’Aulan, whose family owned PIPER-HEIDSIECK from 1851 to 1988, Virginie Taittinger was genetically programmed to become a grande dame of champagne!

A Sparkling Career

With a sparkling blood

In 1986, Virginie Taittinger joined the company where, at her father’s side, for more than 20 years, she learned all the skills connected to the production, handling and international marketing of champagne, as well as other sparkling wines in California and Val de Loire.

The Creator

Overturned the codes

“I always aim for each of my cuvee to give an unforgettable festive emotion that will surprise and excite your senses”

Each Cuvée has its own personality that suits todays taste. We have no other choice but to bring something new, innovative, and suprising from the assemblage to the packaging or the way we distribute our Champagnes!

The Transmission

A family business

Her son, Ferdinand Pougatch joined the adventure in August 2015. After graduating from McGill University in Canada he spent 3 years working in the wine and spirit world in NewYork. He is in charge of the e-commerce and the international development.

Time is needed to understand and love the Champagne making steps. It is crucial to integrate the younger generation in the Champagne making process to create the style and the soul of tomorrow’s Champagne. The empathy between mother and son is integral to creating a beautiful champagnefor today.

“It is a rare and beautiful privilege for a mother to have the opportunity to share her savoir-faire with her son”

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