Tradition & Innovation

The Crafting of our Grandes Cuvées

The Assemblage

Sublimate the Pinot Noir

By favouring Pinots Noir grapes from the Montagne de Reims for the Assemblages, our Champagnes have a wide diversity of aromatic expression. 85% of the rigorously selected grapes are classified as ‘Premiers & Grands Crus’

The Ageing

A key step to craft the Grande Cuvée

It is in our cellars that champagne becomes sparkling, thanks to a second fermentation in the bottle. The prolonged ageing on the lees in our cellars under perfect conditions in terms of temperature and humidity allows the flourishing aromas of the vintage and significantly enhances the taste of our Champagnes. It also benefits from being allowed to rest for a minimum of 6 months following conditioning in order to achieve perfect maturity.

The Dosage

Last step to craft the Cuvée

The dosage is the final stage in the Champagne production that determines the category in which the wine is: Brut zero, Extra-Brut, Brut, etc.

A Family Story

160 years of family stories